Hello there and welcome to my website!

My name is Jenny and I live in Sweden with a very patient husband, a senior dog and a very fussy cat. I'm an illustrator by day and a spiritual unicorn by night. I have a huge passion for animals, beautiful stationary and DIY projects for your heart and soul. I also have a caffeine addiction and a black belt in awkwardness. As if that wasn't enough, I'm also fluent in sarcasm and dream about watching cartoons and bad horror movies for a living.

So, who's Bob?

Bob is a 12 year old border terrier who's main goal in life is to eat and sleep as much as he can. He has a big collection of tennis balls and loves to swim and chase his duck toy. He's a terrific work colleague and makes sure I stretch my legs now and again.


Why a blog?

Well first of all, I love the internet. I know there's a lot of weird stuff out there and you constantly need to be well aware and able to sift through it all. But there are some huge nuggets of gold lying around here and there and they make it all worth the hunt.  I hope to be able to produce some of those gold nuggets for someone who's searching for a creative candy bag filled with all sorts goodies. Some of it serious, most of it lighthearted and all of it with good intentions.

This is a place where I store some thoughts, offer a few gifts for my readers and make my work available to the public. I hope you find something interesting and come back again for future updates.

Fine print

You are welcome to use photos and drawn images from my site as long as you link back and give credit. Do not alter or claim my work as your own. Any free resources are not to be sold, altered or traded. All pictures on this site belongs to me unless otherwise stated. 

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